Customer Success/Professional Services

This monthly Customer Success meetup is worthy of your time.  Here’s a recording of the latest event addressing professional services. Great job by Junan Pang and his team! Excellent insights by the speakers.

Unless your product or service is ridiculously easy to deploy or consume, you’ll eventually need professional services to augment your support and customer success teams. Enterprise customers often have the skills to implement a product like Salesforce. Most likely they won’t have the bandwidth to implement new tools. Furthermore, your customer success teams may be bogged down on managing relationships and lack the technical skills to execute larger implementations.

This is where services come in. Your professional services team should be equipped to handle complex use cases such as integrations. The purpose is to accelerate on-boarding and the path to Go-Live. A separate professional services team can be grown organically or outsourced to Consulting partners. Consulting partners can expand your product capabilities and bring in additional services like customer experience around your product. I’m enmeshed in customer success and professional services. Per the meetup recording, there’s no silver bullet for making professional services work in product companies.

Professional services will help you scale with larger customers if you are moving upmarket. Customer-facing time is a good thing for product companies if it’s adding value and expanding your footprint. top-10-mark-cuban-quotes-for-entrepreneurs-4-638