Yoga as public policy

I was told six months ago that I had spinal stenosis. My world-class doctors based in San Francisco advocated back surgery which I avoided. Apparently Steve Kerr and Tiger Woods didn’t get that memo (regarding risks associated with this surgery). I avoided mainstream healthcare and found a cure in daily exercise and yoga. The pain slowly went away.

A primary cause of our healthcare crisis is none other than the U.S. health care system itself. It has created a nation of painkiller addicts fed by doctors giving meds needlessly thanks to their big Pharma sponsors. 

Yoga is not a magic bullet and it’s not cheap. But it deserves more advocacy by government leaders and doctors. TV ads by Pharma companies continue unabated and brainwash millions everyday. 

It shouldn’t take a comedian like Chris Rock to call this out.  ðŸ™‚