Diversity has become the most talked-about topic these days. Here are some viewpoints as highlighted in my blog:

1. Why it matters according to Carlos Ghosn? Link

2. English as the common language according to Hiroshi Mikitani. Link

3. Diversity Disrupted at The Salesforce Design Leadership Conference. Kat Gordon (founder of the 3% conference) gave a great talk. Link

4. Venture Capitalists Mitch and Freada Kapor Klein lead the way. Link 

5. The spread of technology should involve actors across the world and not be driven exclusively by the labs of Silicon Valley. The concept of cultural debt is as important as technical debt. Ramesh Srinivasan writes a great book. Link

Diversity is not just a numbers game. It’s good for business and quality of life. I laud companies that take it seriously and practice what they preach.