Anthony Bourdain: 1956 – 2018

I’ve visited close to 40 countries. It’s a small fraction of what Anthony Bourdain has documented in his travels. Bourdain along with Pico Iyer have helped me map my travels — vicariously through their travel shows and books.

It’s a huge loss to see Anthony Bourdain pass away while being at the crest of his career. The underbelly of success is the thirst for more success, sometimes at the expense of one’s health. Anthony Bourdain didn’t lack popularity, purpose, or wealth. However, he didn’t help himself enough.  Self-care matters. There is much success in my personal and professional networks. However, I know people failing their bodies and their minds to achieve lofty goals. Depression doesn’t discriminate. I’ve blogged about this culture before: Karoshi in America

I’ve always been an advocate for healthier living. It’s better to slow down than die trying (too hard). An empathetic culture is needed in a world obsessed with success and workaholism.

R.I.P. Anthony Bourdain




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