Boss or Leader?

I’ve seen this movie before. The world heads toward chaos when too much power is usurped by a handful of mafia-style bosses. They create their own rules and take advantage of a distracted audience.

More often than not, social media platforms have become a refuge to grab mindshare from idling followers. I believe it’s not a tool for leadership.

Less is more. I find that fewer tidbits of social media drivel sometimes hints of a wiser soul whose own well-spring of wisdom is just waiting to be discovered. Sometimes, an untold story is more exciting than the naked truth.

The graphic below originated long before social media existed. Literacy is another key differentiator between a leader and a boss. By reading books and constantly learning new things, leaders generate ideas and partner with problem-solvers. The big picture isn’t a selfie. Bosses tend to control narratives and serve themselves.

An empty bookshelf in a large office is never a good sign of leadership.