Gab still exists?

Gab is a social media startup which created the ‘go-to’ app used by perpetrators of hate crimes including the one in Pittsburgh. At some point, I’m sure Gab co-founders (which includes immigrants) did not intend it to become a destination for extremist hate-mongers. The Gab user database likely offers a treasure trove of data about miscreants who ought to be investigated wherever they are. Gab’s best case scenario is handing over assets to authorities which they are unlikely to do.

Nonetheless, Gab has done little to identify threats and stop questionable activities that has resulted in horrific crimes. In the realm of customer success, where does one draw the line when supporting customers behaving badly such as Gab?

The smart move is to terminate services. Gab is rapidly losing vendor support, but is unlikely to be shut down soon. It continues to use technology from major vendors including Google’s G Suite, Vimeo, Help Scout and other providers according to siftery.

All technology vendors should stop supporting Gab if they really care about the safety of the world.