Jobs for Good

LinkedIn data sources confirmed that Customer Success is one of the most promising jobs for the immediate future.


Jobs are plentiful for folks eager to become customer success managers based on their domain expertise. More companies should frame such roles to highlight social impact. Jobs geared toward customer success and social impact are the most promising. I’ve attended various conferences and Meetups such as ‘Customer Success for Good’, ‘Blockchain for Good’ and ‘Data for Good.’ The popularity of these forums validates the need for purpose-driven career development.

Unfortunately, technology is on track to replace human engagement. For now, soft skills are very much needed. Live support and handholding separate leading companies which value customer experience over the cost arbitrators of automation. Automation will happen faster in some countries such as Japan, where the labor force is shrinking.  I expect AI to eventually embrace customer success and subsume many tech jobs, but artificial consciousness is at least a few years away.

LinkedIn’s research is quite helpful in showcasing emerging tech jobs based on their data. The top jobs of the future will require consciousness, too. But what careers will emerge for our children and grandchildren? Will they become zombie workers and politicians as portended by the dystopian film classic Idiocracy? I think the biggest challenge will be up-skilling the workforce so that they can solve problems like climate change.  Jobs for Good are needed now. This is why social impact goals should be integrated into every job in every company.

Salesforce showcases how this is done through their 1-1-1 program. Marc Benioff laid the OKR groundwork in this blog post many years ago: Link

Rather than copying and pasting Salesforce’s program, it’s possible to come to terms with your company’s impact goals and HR objectives.

The best talent on LinkedIn can be won over by offering impactful work.