1/24 Shinnenkai party

The Keizai Society throws a great party every year at the Palo Alto Hills Country Club. It’s worth attending if you have deep ties to Japan. They honor local folks as part of their festivities. Guy Kawasaki (of Apple fame) and Kaname Hayashi, founder of a personal robotics company, received prizes.

Guy served on a panel I helped organize years ago as part of the annual TIECON. He was Chief Evangelist at Apple — which was a hybrid combination of what marketing and customer success are known as today (Link).

Hayashi-San is part of a brilliant generation of Japanese entrepreneurs escaping the cubicles of corporate Japan. His A.I. robot called Lovot is a fantastic product — already being used to help the elderly in Japan with intelligent companionship beyond the scope of almost any pet.

There are so many use cases for such an invention — from retail and hospitality, as well as healthcare and childcare.

Love from Lovot is available for a price ($3000+). A couple of clips below.