Inner Journey

With much of the world on lockdown, there’s never been a better time to come together, establish a meditation practice, learn yoga, eat healthy, consume inspiring content, and stay connected using the latest technologies. Most importantly, this ’extra’ time gives me the chance to support my family like never before.

I don’t know how long this contagion will last, but I survived another strain of Coronavirus known as SARS while living in Asia. SARS didn’t survive once summer arrived. Maybe the only upside of global warming is that it can help eradicate viruses. There are fewer cases currently in warmer climate zones. I find it odd that the media rarely cites this finding and instead concentrates on negativity (maybe to boost ratings). I expect things to return to normal this summer. Of course, we have to be vigilant now to curtail the spread.

The stoppage of physical movement gives my world a chance to sink into stillness and find inner peace. If you are a people-connector and prefer extroversion, these are particularly hard times. However, it’s hard to become mindful when busyness and travel take over. The great writer Pico Iyer once wrote about stillness and going nowhere. I’m rereading his book.

Like most Americans, I’m always on the go. Sometimes I travel great distances to retreats, resorts, or sporting events to slow down. Now, I can’t go anywhere. It’s probably the best thing that ever happened to me. There’s a lot to fix at home. Work won’t end since I’m in the tech world. Learning shouldn’t stop for anyone if you are updating skills online or completing educational requirements.

This blog will refocus on my inner journey and how I plan to grow during these uncertain times.