The Revenue Collective Survey Says…

Buy gold…actually not a bad idea. 🤣 Link

All joking aside, the metrics sourced by Revenue Collective and shared by VC Tom Tunguz validate Gainsight’s earlier survey that churn management and sales have become much harder.

It might take the Way of the Buddha to make it through the tunnel for this year and 2021.

I closely follow systems used by Sales and Customer Success professionals. Such data from these surveys should align with newer KPIs which gauge user needs and feature requests especially given the stark new business environment. ROI, user experience, and license utilization are key especially when the last thing on anyone’s mind is logging into a business application.

Only must-have technology matters now. Nice-to-have things can be budgeted for next year. There’s no point in delivering bells and whistles which were road mapped during the good times. The new normal is here to stay and no one knows what it will become.