Customer Success Hint: Don’t survey too early

Don’t survey customers until they receive the purchased product or service. I got surveyed by Literati support before receiving their book club service. I loved the concept of receiving a monthly allotment of well-curated books for children (and adults) starving for non-digital content. Well, it’s been over ten business days. Literati has apologized for the delays but lost track of my USPS shipment altogether. I can’t log into my account (maybe never created??).

A year ago, I wouldn’t have thought of this Literati concept, but our pandemic world is asking for the delivery of things we might not have cared for before. I heard about this exciting venture started by an ex-Googler in Austin (link). Andrew Yang also featured Literati in his podcast.

I hope they deliver the packages. The young customers are upset 😭. In the digital world, we don’t need such luxuries as physical books, but they provide an antidote to escape from our devices. Our children are being raised by technologies that may not spark them to become storytellers, poets, and novelists —- sadly, they may never come across the creative types facing the brunt of the economic toll coming from this pandemic. Literati — whose secret sauce appears to be its book curation process — is branching towards celebrities. It could also become a platform for many starving artists and authors eager to start profitable book clubs of their own to please their supporters.

Screen-time wins if Literati doesn’t pan out. I hope they fix their supply chain issues before Amazon comes along and launches book clubs as they should have in 1995 🤣.