10/3: Do Nothing

The lockdown from the global pandemic has accelerated the growth of many tech trends. The most obvious has been the grasp of your attention most hours of the day. I believe the root cause of anxiety comes from the mindless acceptance of tech unleashed by Big Tech: article

What’s the antidote to the deluge of unnecessary (and often fake) information? Unplug from devices. By learning the art of doing nothing, I give myself and my family a better version of myself. The art of doing nothing takes work. By exercising, reading books, practicing meditation, and attending online programs about the art of doing nothing, I escape the world of addictive technologies. Journaling is another therapeutic exercise. I’ve blogged about the dominance of Big Tech before. The simple solution involves turning off the tech that feeds the beasts running the attention economy. It doesn’t happen overnight. The world becomes a better place by curbing the desire for distraction.

The San Francisco Zen Center has been weaving this path for decades thanks to founder Shunryu Suzuki. I’ve attended numerous programs in-person (and virtually). Here’s another good one hosted by tech exec Dan Zigmond and author Jenny Odell: 10/3 program