Automated Journalism

If you spend countless hours consuming journalism from NYT, WSJ, or the New Yorker, you probably benefited your brain. I love to read, and it’s great to see content produced by another intelligent human being. On the other hand, if you spend too much time reading emails and social media feeds, you might live in a rabbit hole. The new reality is that a robot is authoring some of the content you love. AI bots will overtake media and comms as you know it. Here are some examples.

*Microsoft has replaced many of its journalists with robots.

*Sports journalism is getting replaced with tools like United Robots.

*The startup OthersideAI uses OpenAI’s language generator GPT-3 to generate emails for you: link

*A YouTuber recently created an AC/DC song using AI, perhaps a post mortem to AC/DC’s epic 80s anthem ‘Who Made Who.’

*Excellent essay by GPT-3: link (probably as good as anything I’ve written in this blog).