Superrich Superheroes (NYT article)

Here’s an excellent essay by writer Jeff Yang (no relation to Andrew). Too much media attention chases wealthy tycoons (whether they are real or made-up characters in Marvel Comics). Rewards and recognition were minimal for everyday heroes like my father. Superheroes need to be held accountable by media sycophants. Admittedly, I have done my share of featuring them in this blog.

Tech entrepreneurs —-more than anyone else —- lionize success and focus on building personal legacies rather than collaborating with experts who do the dirty work by keeping roads intact, running school systems, and bringing about law & order. The world is in big trouble if the focus on hero-building continues at the expense of solving real problems. Our kids deserve better.

No social media for me, as I stop promoting the cult of personality overtaking the need for local and community-based problem-solving by ordinary people. Bezos, Branson, and Musk going to space? Who cares!