Austin is getting back to normal faster than other tech meccas. Entrepreneur and investor Jason Calacanis says Austin gives off the San Francisco startup vibe circa 2013 via the All-In podcast. Customer Success became a named role at every SaaS company. Back then it also became an emerging category with product-based startups such as Gainsight and Totango. Austin is well-positioned as a startup generator.

It’s hard to decipher what is happening in Austin. Many entrepreneurs and engineers have moved here from San Francisco and beyond. The last two years of Zoom-dom have been painful for anyone trying to start up without in-person events. 2021 was supposed to be a hybrid year. Covid-19 made it impossible. It looks like significant metros may keep things virtual in 2022. Austin, on the other hand, is moving forward with a hybrid approach. While the risk is high for infection, survival is almost assured by following guidelines. I think in-person meetings give normalcy a chance and a real possibility for Austin to get ahead of the curve in 2022. As a veteran of Silicon Valley, I just hope Austin can become a kinder, gentler version of it.

Looking forward to the Customer Success for Startups event: