JFK quote

The older generation has not given way to the next generation in most parts of the world. Not too long ago, a forty-three-year-old became the youngest President of the United States. 🇺🇸 It’s a record still not broken.

John F. Kennedy’s clarion call to America and the rest of the world has gone unheard, politically speaking, over sixty years later. The older generation in America, in Japan, in Russia, and just about everywhere else doesn’t seem to want retirement. The ember from ancient conflicts burns to maintain the status quo.

I doubt we would have as many political conflicts if we simply elected younger leaders. When looking at a ballot I try to choose the younger person who has some kind of expertise. The world needs to pass the baton to those empathetic, energetic, and willing to solve real problems like climate change. We must stop extending the careers of geriatric politicians who are leaving the planet much worse off than when they started their rabble-rousing.