The Art of Thriving

The meditation and pranayama offerings by Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar help me reduce stress, increase awareness, and give me a shield of armor through strengthened immunity. I have tried other activities to re-balance and settle my core, but the “happiness” program offered by Art of Living has been my best form of natural medicine. Yoga also helps. Meditation is another wellness practice to incorporate with yoga and pranayama.

When I feel the ground shake and know that ambiguity is about to convert to adversity, I can turn to Art of Living’s program, head to a yoga studio, or uncover meditation in Goenka-Ji’s 10-day course. These three experiences are readily available in many other forms. They are better for kids than Tik-Tok, marijuana, and offerings by the pharmaceutical industry.

I found this talk inspiring. It shows that youth can discover an alternate path to healing and self-discovery on the internet! These experiences when fully embraced, require detoxing away from the internet. I would have begun a holistic path much earlier had I known back then what I know now. Better now than never.