TED-style Talk (clip)

Positive content whether it’s from music, spiritual writing, and TED-style podcasts helps offset the deluge of negativity from the daily news and social media. Arthur Brooks and Pico Iyer share ways to cope when the headwinds go against our instinct to do good things and create positive outcomes. These two content creators from different corners of the world met for the first time. They share insights that uncover frameworks to process the chaos around us.

How do we change and feel a greater sense of purpose when the world sets us in our place —- of shared obsolescence? Arthur Brooks and Pico Iyer are strangers to most of the planet but demonstrate that paths do exist to enliven and impact one’s surroundings or make wholesale changes altogether. A key ingredient to salvation is borderless travel and experiencing the unknown. Moments of joy and revelation can appear when one least expects them to. The key is keeping our heads up when the urge is to look down at our devices.