Tim Ferriss podcast

Tim Ferriss interviews entrepreneur Balaji Srinivasan. The ex-Bay Area luminaries moved away in recent years. Tim resides in Austin, while Balaji lives in Singapore.

These are fascinating insights from Balaji (new book) about a dystopian future controlled by stateless actors who gain influence virtually and manage their own societies without being usurped by current nation-states and fiat currencies. There’s a world beyond the world we see that might figure out self-organizing principles for the greater good or have sinister intent to produce a post-apocalyptic Mad-Max horror show.

I don’t think things will spin out of control overnight to enrich Balaji’s crypto holdings. 🤣 Centrists in Europe, the U.S., and China will stop these movements before they can scale. Balaji says a majority of English-speaking technology maximizers will be of South Asian descent — given the ubiquity of tech talent originating from India. The conversation is endless and quite brilliant, nonetheless…