I met Guy Kawasaki many years ago when I was helping to convene a Silicon Valley conference. To this day I’ve yet to meet a tech executive with that much energy and charisma. Podcasting became Guy’s ikigai, not an outstanding career according to him.

I learned from Guy’s recent podcast about a book called Ikigai by Tokyo expat Hector Garcia which became an international bestseller. Purpose shouldn’t be as hard to achieve, but it can be elusive even when the stars line up. For some, it’s about faith and family. For others, it’s money and prestige. Some choose to help others to give themselves meaning. Social media influencers focus on marketing. Very few people find their life’s work and get paid to do it.

Reading the book now. Hector Garcia and Guy Kawasaki found their Ikigai much later in life. They kept grinding away to get there. This is good news for all of us. I can vouch for the Japanese wisdom, too.

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