Less words, more action

Coach Belichick may not confess to his belief in the Japanese concept ‘Ma.’ Judging by his brilliant track record, he sets the tone and lets his team’s actions do the talking.

‘Ma’ is what makes minimalism possible. If you watch Belichick speak, there are purposeful pauses in speech and only a few words stand out.

The secret of his success might come from ‘Ma’ which creates peace of mind, so that there is room for thoughts to exist properly. The concept of ‘Ma’ is pretty close to what Greg McKeown writes about in his latest book about ‘essentialism.’

Unfortunately, the perception of leadership is associated with the noise one creates using social media. Instead of finding inner peace, there is enormous pressure to make noise and share whatever you do.

This is why I’ve turned off most of those channels. It’s made me focus on my priorities.


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