Self care

I’ve been told that I’m a giver. Sometimes there’s a price you pay for giving too much. It comes at the expense of personal health. All systems shut down.

There are a few things I do to get back on track…

1. Become a little selfish. It’s hard to take care of the world if I don’t take care of myself. Some meditation helps. The Art of Living community offers a great pranayama course. These programs help re-charge the batteries.

2. Choose to do what makes me better, not what makes me happy. A growth mindset allows me to improve and tackle challenges. Instead of re-charging in Hawaii or in Las Vegas, I might take a weekend course at 1440 Multiversity. Mindfulness can elevate one’s capacity to grow.

Sometimes, I need to improve my technical skills within my industry. Salesforce has made this possible by offering trailhead. I need to learn harder stuff if I want to stay relevant. It’s a hands-on world for everyone.

3. “Dance with the one who brung ya.” Sometimes I can’t see the forests from the trees. When I get stuck, I reflect on what worked in the past. Legendary Texas Football coach Darrell Royal said this aphorism often. He found that re-using a brilliant playbook with certain type of players ensured success. So why change a winning formula?

I reach out to my network for validation when I’m ready to re-deploy a playbook or when I want to reset my assumptions. I consider my network to be more than just family and friends. It’s my sangha for life.