The Guru Inside

These times of distress yield cries for otherworldly holiness with so many gurus running amok. They lurk for work, for yoga, for Church, and anything else. Broadband connectivity ensures 24×7 positivity emanating from such gurus and their evangelists.

My roots in India gave me some shortcuts to wisdom, given the infinite presence there of godmen. Most of these gurus are authentic and live ascetic lives, which reap them divine knowledge and courage to spread sacred teachings. Some misuse the attention and adulation —- doing more harm than good.

What if we took ownership of our lives based on bestowals from the Divine without reliance on self-ordained gurus to think for us. We stare at a mirror every morning and cultivate genius or stupidity by choice.

Kumare is worth a chuckle if you are tired of TED talks by bearded hucksters selling snake oil. This is brilliant film-making by a New Jersey-based anti-guru who pulls off a stunt by connecting to the spiritual mysteries of India. Ultimately, gurus bring forth pathways to living a more healthy life. Real change happens when good habits gain adoption without handholding by real or fake gurus. Finding the guru inside is not as hard as it might seem.